ACLAB: Affect and Cognition Lab

Department of Human Development

College of Human Ecology

Cornell University

Meet the Lab!

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Affect and Cognition Lab members (and friends) sharing human brain specimens with local children at the Big Red Barn's Science Day!
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Senegal Mabry sharing some of his knowledge about the human brain with an unsuspecting child! Can you tell what information he's sharing?
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Congratulations on the successful defense of your dissertation, Dr. Sadeghi! We can't wait to celebrate with you!
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Congratulations on the completion of your Master's Degree, Huanyu!
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Congratulations on the completion of your Master's Degree, Aurora!
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Lab brunch at SfN 2023 in Washington, D.C.
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Lab Dinner at Taste of Thai! Welcome, Jordan!
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Drs. De Rosa and Anderson cheering on Dr. Perry Fordson for his pitch at SUNY Demo Day!
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A few of the members of Dr. Riley's MRI team
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Senegal Mabry, Dr. Riley, and Mary MacMillan leading the Healthy Aging Study
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Celebrating Sihan's acceptance to the University of Toronto for a Doctoral Program!
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Dr. Riley guest lecturing in Senegal Mabry's course on "Science as the Greatest Good"
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Two of our graduate students, Hetvi and Senegal, leading one of our "Get to Know your Brain Days" events in Syracuse.
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Celebrating Dr. De Rosa and Hetvi Doshi during the 2022 Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Award and Recognition Ceremony.

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